MILICAST should be an instantly familiar name to you, as probably the longest continuous manufacturers of 1:76/20mm model resin kits in the world!

Resin cast scale models were pioneered in the seventies by Eric Clark (ECM) and passed on to Milicast in 1985. Since then Milicast have continued to be in the vanguard of progress and innovation in this scale and were one of the first manufacturers to introduce Polyurethane resins to AFV reproduction.

Over the years Milicast have built up a pool of experience, which with our Master Pattern Makers, has allowed us to build both the popular AFV's, but also many of the unusual types often neglected by the plastic kit manufacturers in this scale.

Milicast now have what is widely accepted as the largest range of quality resin cast 1:76/20mm Scale Model kits, Figure sets and Conversions of WWII subjects, available anywhere in the world.

The aim of Milicast has always been to build as accurate a model as possible using all available research material, including original vehicles where possible, and the worldwide resources of M.A.F.V.A. If new data becomes available Milicast will update their "master" at the earliest possible opportunity to further improve the model. That's something that the mass produced plastic kit manufacturers just don't do!

In late 2004, Milicast started their Battlefield Series in response to repeated customer requests to make available models which, although simplified in their construction and suitably robust, would retain the Milicast standard of high level accuracy and fine detail but be suitable for both wargamers and collectors. This is an expanding range with "off the shelf" availability at competitive prices. As a result many Milicast Premier Range kits will in future be superseded by their Battlefield Series equivalents whilst others will continue to be available in both ranges. New models will however also be added to the Premier Range.

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