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28mm US Armor Markings
US Armor Markings in NW Europe 44-45.  This set of 28mm scale decals has markings for 7 specifi..
French Building Signs for North East France/Belgium
This set consists of popular building signs seen in wartime photographs taken in Northern France and..
French 1940 AFV Markings for Somua S35
This set designed specifically for the Somua S35 contains everything required to decal ten distinct ..
French 1940 AFV Markings for Hotchkiss H35 & H39
Designed specifically for the Hotchkiss H35 and H39 Light Tanks; ten different vehicles can be marke..
French 1940 AFV Markings for Renault R35 & R40
This set designed specifically for the Renault R35 & R40 and contains everything required to dec..
French 1940 AFV Markings for Panhard P178 & Schneider P16 ACs
Specifically designed for the Panhard 178 Armoured Car and the Schneider P16 Halftracks from the 194..
German "Balkenkreuze" (1 Sheet)
This set consists of eighty German AFV Balkenkreuz in Black with White Outline and White Outline onl..
French 1940 AFV Markings for Char D2
This set has been designed specifically for the Char D2 in the 1940 campaign and includes 17 differe..
French 1940 AFV Markings specifically for FCM 36 & AMR35
This set of French 1940 AFV Markings was specifically designed for the FCM 36 and AMR35 tanks and co..
Japanese Armour Markings
Set of Japanese Armour Markings with enough decals to create 11 distinct vehicles plus some alternat..
French 1940 Transport Markings Trucks, Tractors & SPG's
This set contains decals for French 1940 Transport Markings for fifty two different Trucks, UE carri..
Spanish Civil War Markings
This set consists of markings for the Spanish Civil War for both the Republican and Nationalist AFV'..
Polish 1939 AFV Markings
This set consists of Polish 1939 AFV Markings including the 1st and 2nd Tank battalions, 10th Mechan..
Soviet Armour Markings
This set of Soviet AFV markings includes insignia, etc., for ten Tank and Mechanised Brigades plus t..
Soviet T34 Markings
Specifically designed for the T34 series, this set includes markings for fourteen different vehicles..
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