Hive Adult Hornets (10 Figures)

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20mm Sci-Fi Elhiem X10 Mixed Hive Adults Hornets selection is random and will have repeats.  Hive Adults or Hornets as they are known, are at their core cephlapods with six main tentacles encased in tough exoskeleton and a further four mouth tentacles that are withdrawn intot he head or shooting out searching for food to draw intot he rows of tiny razor type teeth that line its gullet. The main body looks bipedal with the two main tentacles used as legs within the exosketon joints, these legs end in fearsome claws. There are two 'arm' sockets that are hollow that long grasping tentacles slither out of amd two smaller tentacles taht are fully enclosed in exoskelleton that end in powerfull and sharp pincers. A bulbous tail ends with sting and web spinner.  Hive Adults attack their prey in various ways; by trapping them in webs, by paraylsing them with stings, by grabbing them with their arms then ripping them appart with their claws, pincers and mouth.  If hungry the Hornet will grab a victim and carry them away to their nest where they will eat their victim at lesuire. If theya re not hungry they will sting the victim and secure them in a web at their nest. These victims will be kept alive and nibbled on over time, the secretions from the mouth of the Hornet acts as a anticeptic keeping wounds clean.  If the Hornet is providing food for Larvae, the victim is stung, tied in a  web and left near Seeds. The Larvae will burrow into a victim and keep them alive while it devours them. Larvae will fight other Larvae for its food source.

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