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20mm Modern Elhiem x3 Delta Force DMR Spotters disguised as local Tribesmen during the early operati..
20mm Modern Elhiem x4 Delta Force during the early operations in Afghanistan 2x M4s, 2x M4M204 with ..
20mm Modern Elhiem x7 tough looking characters that can be either police or criminals. ..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x4 Zombies that retain their intelligence and act as Zombie Leaders and control mob..
20mm Modern Elhiem x1 Downed Helicopter Crewman in flight suit (as per OBJ-01) with Tactical Surviva..
20mm Modern Elhiem x1 Downed Jet Pilot bareheaded pilot running in flight suit, no weapon. ..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x2 Dr Goodfoot and his undead witch ..
20mm WWII Elhiem x1 Geman Early War Waffen SS Firing a broomhandle Mauser C96 pisol with stock. Earl..
Early War Waffen SS Riflemen in Type 1 Smocks Under Fire (4 Figures)
20mm WWII Elhiem x4 German Early War Waffen SS in Type 1 Smocks with Mauser K98 under fire. ..
20mm Sci-Fi Elhiem x4 FED Security with sealed helmets FCC security personel with sealed helmets as ..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x1 Fishman in Disguise undergoing massive surgery this Fishman almost passes as hum..
20mm Modern Elhiem x4 French Combat Squad includes 4x FAMAS riflemen with various attachments on FAM..
20mm Modern Elhiem x4 French Combat Squad includes 1x Commander on Radio, 1x AT4, 1x Minimi and 1x F..
20mm Modern Elhiem x4 French Command includes 4x French. Commander with Famas pointing, 1x DMR with ..
French Command in Helmets (6 Figures)
20mm Vietnam Elhiem x6 1950's French Paratroopers in berets armed with a mix of SMG, Carbines and ra..
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