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20mm Modern Elhiem x5 African Militia with Ppsh41 SMGs (1 with land mine). Conversion of our figures..
20mm Modern Elhiem x4 African Militia includes 1x scout with AK47 and one sniper in a mix of fatigue..
20mm WWII Elhiem x5 Afrika Korps by the old SGMM sculptor. Will be a random pick of the last two fig..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x2 Amateur Sleuths Husband and wife team? Boffins? Spys? Detectives? Useful male an..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x1 American Adventurer inspired by many american Pulp heroes our rough and ready he..
An Archer (1 Figure)
20mm Modern Elhiem x1 civilian archer with a bow ..
20mm Modern Elheim x3 AQ Shadow Army armed with the much prized AK74 wearing balaclavas and AQ head ..
20mm Modern Elhiem x3 AQ Shadow Army armed with AK74 UGL, PKM LMG and RPK wearing balaclavas and AQ ..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x3 Cultist in robes with Mp28s SMGs and bolt action rifle. ..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x3 Arabesque figures Swathed head to foot in robes. Armed with Mauser pistol, Sword..
Armed Females 1 (4 Figures)
20mm Modern Elhiem x4 Warrior women armed with AKSU, Uzi, M4 and G36. ..
20mm Sci-Fi Elhiem x2 FED Troopers in Medium Body Armour support gunner armed with R56 Combat Carbin..
20mm Sci-Fi Elhiem x3 Armoured Fed Troopers with PT89 Thumper Rifles in battle order.  The PT89..
20mm Sci-Fi Elhiem x4 Armoured Fed Troopers in Light Body Armour armed with R56 Combat Carbines. ..
20mm Vietnam Elhiem x4 ARVN 1968 Command includes x1 on walkie talkie, 1x RTO, 1x Officer talking on..
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