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Afghan Male Civilians (4 Figures)
20mm Modern Elhiem x4 Afghan Male Civilians standing around in traditional Afghan clothing. ..
Afghan Women (4 Figures)
20mm Modern Elhiem x4 Afghan Women includes x3 in Burka, x1 with head scarf. ..
Afghan/Al Jez TV Crew (2 Figures)
20mm Modern Elhiem x1 Camerman and x1 Interviewer in Afghan clothing ..
20mm Modern Elhiem x3 African Civilian Set A includes 1x Figure of a civilian male carrying a bundle..
20mm Modern Elhiem x3 African Civilian Set B includes African Females in Civilian clothing with pots..
Armed Females 1 (4 Figures)
20mm Modern Elhiem x4 Warrior women armed with AKSU, Uzi, M4 and G36. ..
20mm Sci-Fi Elhiem x3 Bandit band/leaders/preachers Out in the wastes these.  These figures are..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x4 Zombies that retain their intelligence and act as Zombie Leaders and control mob..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x4 Half Zombies includes 1x male and 1x female half zombies in modern clothing. The..
20mm Sci-Fi Elhiem x2 Civilian includes a hero and heroine in typical FTN Civs leisure wear. Civs ar..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x5 Little Horrors Fast moving infected children that have mutated into ravenous hor..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x4 Middle East dressed Zombies includes 3 shamblers 1 runner all male. ..
20mm Modern Elhiem x7 modern civilian zombies by Iain Colwell. 2 additional females in a matching st..
20mm Pulp Elhiem x5 Modern Shambler Zombies set B includes 3x Male 2x Female shuffle poses. ..
20mm Modern Elhiem x20 zombie horde sculpts by Alix Elder. Mix of male and female (some nudity) quit..
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