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SS Plane Tree Autumn pattern (1 Sheet)
Zeltbahn Shelter Quarters, four per sheet. SS Plane Tree pattern zeltbahn in orange dominant (Fall u..
20mm WWII Elhiem x1 120mm Mortar. ..
20mm WWII Elhiem x5 Afrika Korps by the old SGMM sculptor. Will be a random pick of the last two fig..
Ambulance Markings (1 Sheet)
This set of 15mm decals consists of numerous Ambulance markings for various Nations and Vehicle type..
An Archer (1 Figure)
20mm Modern Elhiem x1 civilian archer with a bow ..
20mm WWII Elhiem x1 British 6 pdr ATG. ..
British Churchill Tank Markings (1 Sheet)
This set is dedicated to Churchill tank markings and includes markings for specific vehicles. Detail..
20mm WWII Elhiem x4 Commandos Bergan rucksacks to be added to COM range to change role/appearance or..
20mm WWII Elhiem x4 British Commandos (Normandy) with Beret and No4 Rifles. ..
20mm WWII Elhiem x4 British Commandos (Normandy) with netted helmets armed with No 4 rifles. ..
20mm WWII Elhiem x6 British Royal Navy Shore or boarding party includes 1x RN Officer with revolver,..
20mm WWII Lamercraft Elhiem x6 British tank crew burying a comrade, 3 men in denim overalls, in batt..
20mm WWII Elhiem x1 British Vickers MMG ..
20mm WWII Elhiem x1 Geman Early War Waffen SS Firing a broomhandle Mauser C96 pisol with stock. Earl..
Early War Waffen SS Riflemen in Type 1 Smocks Under Fire (4 Figures)
20mm WWII Elhiem x4 German Early War Waffen SS in Type 1 Smocks with Mauser K98 under fire. ..
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