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April 15th, 2018 - An Elhiem restock arrived on Friday and the shopping cart has been updated. Figure codes restocked included modern Russians (RUS), Cold War Russians in camo suits (SCS), Taliban (TAL), guns (GUN) and kits (KIT) and my favorite Elhiem sculpt of a Special Forces Bolt Action Sniper Standing along with a few other odds and end. What do we need to order for next time. let us know! 

We are also planning a CP Models restock soon.  We are still working on adding available stock from CP Models to our shopping cart.  So please ask if you are looking fro something special.  We may have it available.  Coming soon there will be a price increase for CP Models due to the manufacturer's increase in prices and the changing exchange rate. 

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask and like CP Models, we will be placing our May 2018 restock order soon with Elhiem.

Cheers Duane and Laura

Email us your requests at Duane@SyrHobbsWargames.com.  


We are still adding images and updating prices to reflect the manufacturers current retail price as well as the current exchange rate.  This will take us some time with thousands of product codes that need to be adjusted one at a time.    

Thanks Duane & Laura