• Fury on the Fatherland

Fury in the Fatherland Rules and scenarios for American featuring US Cavalry and Reconnaissance units in Germany during the last weeks of the war, spiral bound. Fast-hitting action and quick thinking spells the difference between life and death for the US Cavalry as armored cars and jeeps of the US Third Army race deep into the Reich. Do you have the guts and determination to be the "eyes and ears" of Patton's Army and the "first to fight." In Fury on the Fatherland, now you can test your mettle as one of the best - US Cavalry Recon!

This supplement includes: History of Patton's Third Army from the Rhine Crossing to war's end, US Cavalry (Mechanized) organization, 1943-45, new rules and play sheets for US Cavalry Recon Scouts and Recon Teams, new improved tank charts and play sheets for the M8 Greyhound, M20 Armored Car, and Recon Jeep. New rules and play sheets for German "Sturm" Assault squads, new and improved weapon sheets featuring the M1 Carbine, M3 Grease Gun, StG-44 German Assault Rifle, Stielhandgrenate, 39 German stick grenade, 6 detailed hero sheets with quick play cards and art, 5 action packed scenarios featuring the US Cavalry Recon units, new radio rules, plus specific rules for US Cavalry Recon radios. Ownership of Easy Eight’s Battleground World War II recommended for play. Figures and dice not included.

Battleground rules and supplements are printed locally, there maybe a few days delay to get them hot off the press.

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Fury on the Fatherland

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