20mm Sci-Fi Elhiem x4 Acturian Pirate Captains with Ripper Guards. The Acturians are a short vicious race from the HiGrav planet Actur. The Acturians have a love of chaos and discord, perfect pirates! 2 Suave and Sophisticated (by Acturian standards) Captains with 2 particularly nasty Ripper guards. Every Acturian Pirate crew has its Captian, usually with some very tough and cruel Ripper as their personal body guards. The Captians are the smartest and most cunning of the Nobels they are vain and greedy and luckily like most Acturians have a short attention span, usually focused on where the next booty or meal is coming from, however, there are always exceptions...

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Acturian Pirate Captains with Ripper Guards (4 Figures)

  • Brand: Elhiem
  • Product Code: EL SIFI-07
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  • $6.14

Tags: Science-Fiction, Acturian