• Islands of Glory

Islands Of Glory is the first Campaign Pack released by Easy Eight Enterprises for the Battleground World War II game system. It highlights the “island-hopping” campaign waged by American Leathernecks and GIs will find an exciting wealth of Pacific War rules and history that combine to give players the intense feel of fighting in the jungle, storming beaches under fire, or even witnessing deadly banzai charges! It's all here in Easy Eight's Islands of Glory! Where the game comes to life!

Inside: Rules and history for Japanese and US Marines, Banzai Charges, Tree Snipers, booby traps, expanded weapons section compete with Artillery canister rounds, flamethrowers, and small arms. AFV charts including the Chi-Ha, Te-Ke, and the LVT. Terrain rules for jungle, sand, and ash. Japanese bunkers and spider holes, beach landing rules, new heroes, advanced hand-to-hand combat, exciting new scenarios. Ownership of Easy Eight’s Battleground World War II recommended for play. Figures and dice not included.

Battleground rules and supplements are printed locally, there maybe a few days delay to get them hot off the press.

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Islands of Glory

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Tags: WWII, Rules, Scenario, Skirmish, Pacific