• Crusade for Empire

Crusade for Empire is Easy Eight Enterprises’ Campaign Pack featuring the British and specifically the campaigns of North Africa. This work highlights the most common British tanks of the entire war and the battles fought to preserve the Empire in the desert. Whether engaging Italians or fighting off the notorious “Desert Fox” and the Afrika Corps, you will traverse new terrain and the harshest of desert conditions. Inside you will find detailed history of the battles and weapons that secured North Africa for Allies, while learning the British method of waging war. Tackled the enemy and desert all at once in East Eight’s Crusade For the Empire! Where the game comes first.

Expanded Rules and history for British and Italian armor, infantry, and artillery. Details on the Africa Corps, Expanded British and Italian weapons section complete with art, British AFV charts including Churchill, Cromwell, comet, and universal carrier, British desert AFV charts including the Matilda, Rolls Royce arm. Car, crusader, Italian AFV charts including the M-13/14, AB40/41, Semovente, Terrain Rules for Sand, Hammandi, Sand Dunes, Mirage/Haze, Sun Glare Sangars and Wadis, New recognition chart, New desert battlefield builder, New heroes, Exciting scenarios high lighting desert warfare! Plus much, much more!! Ownership of Easy Eight’s Battleground World War II recommended for play. Figures and dice not included.

Battleground rules and supplements are printed locally, there maybe a few days delay to get them hot off the press.

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Crusade for Empire

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