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Syr Hobbs Wargames has been in business since 2005 serving customers world wide.  Our goal is to offer the highest quality figures available, rule books, terrain accessories, and other gaming accoutrements. We aim to provide quick and efficient service to our customers, while maintaining low and competitive prices.

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I've been gaming my whole life.  I still remember playing with a metal Fort Apache

and later Fortress Navarone Playset

In the 1970s, I purchased the brown box D&D books which I still own.  I'm not sure but they are either first or second printing.  Today I play 5th Edition AD&D with my wife and kids.  

My personal interest lies in 20mm World War II using the Battleground WWII skirmish rules.  I also enjoy 10mm American Civil War (may expand into AWI), 25mm Games Workshop Lord of the Rings, and 28mm Cthulhu, Fantasy and Modern Zombies.  Hanging with friends is my favorite part of gaming but I really love to paint figures and design scenarios.  

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