CP Models 20mm WWII

CP Models 20mm WWII

Manufacturer of quality white metal figures for wargames, painters and collectors.  Ranges include 28mm Fantasy,  Night Terrors, Oriental Legends,  Sci-Fi, modern Rioters, Personalities, Victoriana, The Great War, World War II,  Ancients, and the Dark Ages.  

20mm CP Model World War II Germans, RSI Italians, US Army, Red Army, Finland, Downed Pilots, and Civilians.

Famous TQD range of World War II Germans, US Army, Red Army, Polish, British, French, And Alternate WWII.  (n addition there are 20mm Gangsters, British Police, Fantasy, Furniture, Modern Forces, and Darkest Africa.  

Finally in 15mm,  Sci-Fi, Space Orcs, Fantasy, Modern, Horse & Musket, Marlburian, and American Civil War 

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